Tracy A.


A lot of shoulder cleanup and repair. From first visit to surgery to follow ups I received excellent care and genuine concern for my full recovery. Dr. Sweet is great! Thank you for helping me get back to my everyday life of sports, hobbies and travel!


Carole-ann J.


Dr. Sweet performed rotator cuff surgery on my shoulder on June 5th of this year. I chose from a 2nd opinion visit due to his warm personality & willingness to take the time to explain my injury & repair in terms I could understand. I had the stem cell procedure & I am so glad I did. At 12 wks post-op I have 95% ROM & I am starting strengthening. I had very minimal pain throughout this whole experience (unusual I've been told). I would highly recommen Dr. Sweet, his staff & definitely the stem cell therapy (if offered). On a scale of 1 to 10, I sincerely give a10. No waiting @appointments is very nice also. Their office is clean & the staff are pleasant & quick to respond to your questions. I highly recommend Dr. Sweet as your choice of surgeon plus he is a really nice guy with a warm, funny personality.


Frank D.


Excellent staff and faculty.


Carolyn B.


Visit gave me peace of mind to know that I can take reasonable walks. Passed on operation or injection. Have a. Great day


Christy H.


This is my first review and I would give Dr. Sweet 15 stars if that was possible. He deserves every one of them. Dr. Sweet is the BEST! He is kind, caring, considerate, always generous with his time and patience. He truly listens to you and explains surgical procedures throughly. He is a gracious doctor who truly cares about his patients. Dr. Sweet performed a Total Reverse Shoulder Joint Replacement Surgery on December 2017. He transformed my life from daily aching to bone grinding pain and movement loss, to enjoying social + physical activities again. I will be able to enjoy my 50th high school reunion in a few momths! Thank you Dr. Sweet, I will be FOREVER GRATEFUL for you and your highly skilled medical expertise.

The office staff are always courteous, helpful, and professional. Many thanks to Gina who always greets me with a smile, encouraged me through recovery, and brightened my days with her friendly, kind and caring manner.


Linda B.


My care was thorough and the out come was great. I would reconend


Dan W.


Dr. Sweet and his assistant are A-1. Would recommend them to all.


Roger W.


In 2017, I injured a knee. MRI showed a torn meniscus and cartilage damage (Grade 4). Dr Sweet scoped my knee in Dec 2017. The surgical procedure helped significantly, but I still had pain in the knee which was slowing me down.
In April, I received my first PRP injection at Dr Sweet’s office. I noticed significant improvement within a week. My knee has continued to gradually improve since the injection. Right now, I’m pain-free (no icing or meds) with the normal daily routines.
I’m happy with the procedure/injection.


John F.


Dr Seeet has been an excellent orthopedic doctor for multiple fractures in my tibia and fibula bones. Surgery was not optional with health challenges so alternative healing measures were necessary. His care was exceptional, professional, and grateful for the progressive restoration of mobility to that leg. And pain free with the mending of these four fractures. Staff is courteous and always helpful.


Chris C.


I recently had my knee scoped and repaired by Dr. Sweet. Hands down an excellent experience. I too am a physician, so you can imagine im picky in who i decided to do my knee. You cannot go wrong with Dr.Sweet. His assistants and office staff are great, Dr.Sweet is on top of his game, he has great bedside manner, he explains everything, is patient and undergoing surgery with him was a smooth experience. I plan on getting my other knee done with him as well, no doubt about it!


Ray R.


Dr. Sweet is an extremely saught out Dr., I’ve known nothing but the best outcomes and reviews from my collueges and friends. From my first visit to my post opp, Dr Sweet and his staff had been nothing less than great! The staff was very kind to call the next day to check in and make sure I was ok. Things like this make a big surgery like what I had.. much better. Much appreciation from my whole family!! Couldn’t have picked a better Dr. extremely greatful
Ray Rudy


Linda O.


Dr Sweet is very personable and answers any questions. My initial examination was very thorough so I feel confident I am on the right path and know alternatives are available should the need arise.


Kenneth W.


Always good . Dr Sweet always makes you feel important to him .


Shant I.


In early May 2018, Dr. Sweet performed an ACL reconstruction using my patellar tendon graft. I am currently 3 weeks post-op, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. As the incisions are healing, the scarring is barely visible. I am feeling great and progressing in rehab everyday. From the initial appointment to post-op follow-ups, Dr. Sweet has been outstanding! He explains everything from the injury to expectations after surgery. He is knowledgeable and very confident in his work, which has provided me confidence when going through my physical therapy.  Dr. Sweet has a detailed 8-month physical therapy protocol that has helped me get on my feet quickly after surgery. I already know it will help me get stronger in order for me to get back to playing the sports I enjoy. Also, Dr. Sweet’s medical assistant, Gina, is a great help! She helped me complete work leave forms and has been a great resource anytime I have had questions! I highly recommend Dr. Sweet to any patient!


Joseph M.


Dr Sweet very professional,caring and personable.Gave me a very strong feeling of confidence in his ability. Would recommend him highly. His staff was also very professional and efficient.