Dolores R.


I am 88 years young and have been getting my eyebrows done at Permatech for years. I receive compliments regularly from people on how beautiful my brows are. The process is so comfortable that I literally fall asleep in the chair while they are working on me. Antoinette and her team are very skilled in their craft. I am also always impressed with the customer service, especially from the warm and efficient front desk person. Young or old you always feel welcome.


Kathie H.


Outstanding. They are very professional and they do quality work I am very pleased with my outcome. I did my brows, eye liner, and lips. They look great and there was no pain


C S.


I would not go anywhere else to have permanent makeup done. I know people who have gotten their makeup done in other places because they had a coupon & wanted to save money. Many of them have ended up at Permatech to have the "coupon" work corrected. All the technicians are amazing, especially Antoinette. Thank you Permatech for boosting my confidence with your artistry.


Lori M.


I had a wonderful experience. I honestly did not feel a thing. Both Antoinette and Cathy make me feel at home. I do not know how I ever got by without permanent make up!