Bill K.


What can I say... Dr. Dimitri Aminov is the best dentist I have ever had. His attention to detail is unparallelled and in my many visits to him I have never felt pain during any procedure. A filling he had to do in my front tooth is perfect. You cannot tell by looking that anything has been done. On more advanced procedures like root canals and crowns he again exceeded my expectations. I have never had to wait for my appointment, nor have I sat in the chair while he worked on another patient. Once he starts, I get his complete attention until the work is done. His assistants are amazing and I can't say enough about the customer experience. In each and every case I get a follow up call to assess that the procedure was done correctly and that I am feeling no discomfort. Bravo Alamo Family Dentistry. All businesses should be run this well and all health care providers can take a lesson from these people. Thanks for your amazing level of care!


Annette G.


Thanks Dr Aminov,
Great job!
I feel very good.


Carissa S.


Great service! Nice and friendly.


Susanne W.


Everybody is so kind and helpful. The equipment and surrounding are so clean and sanitized. The dentist has the best bedside manner and knows his stuff. I have been to hundreds of Dentists in my 48 years.. I'm blown away by their state of the art equipment and customer service. The back office is amazing


Teri A.


Best dentist ever and extremely pleasant.. Friendly and efficient staff. I highly recommend