Bobbi T.


It was a root canal. A little discomfort at the novocaine injection and then very little if any discomfort for the rest of the operation. It took about 45 minutes. When it was over, I went home and continued with my chores as the numbness wore off. Then I went to a movie and out for dinner. No pain, whatsoever. I made an appointment with my dentist for next week. She'll determine the next step. Apparently there's a temporary filling protecting the surgery. I'm astonished that the procedure was so painless. Everybody was nice, especially the dental assistant. If all goes well, this might have been the best root canal ever done! Thanks to the doctor.


John M.


Great group. Professional, caring, warm. Easy, relaxed atmosphere. Efficient, helpful. Couldn't ask for a better experience. Thanks to all.


Ken T.


Very professional...well taken care of. I would recommend their services to anyone.


Linda F.


Everyone hates root canals but honestly, this was painless. Very professional. This group was wonderful!


Idilio D.


I want to thank all of the staffing at Conejo Simi Endodontics you guys are a great team, I got there with lots of pain and discomfort on my tooth
You guys took great care and treated me quickly
Special thanks to Rebecca, Victor and Dr. Volk who did an amazing job.
I will definitely recommend my family and friends to your practice.
I will be going back soon for the second treatment soon
Again thank you all ...
Idilio Delacth


Reagan M.


I had to have a root canal and was very anxious about it prior to the appointment. Once I arrived, everyone was incredibly nice and accommodating. Dr. Stoops and Donna performed my procedure and it was painless and quick. I had no problems at all! They are a great team and really put me at ease so that I had absolutely no concerns. I never expected a root canal to be so smooth and pain free! Thank you both so much for doing such a great job!


Nancy H.


I’m the worst dental patient!! That being said I had a root canal by Dr. Stoop and made the decision to be put out as I was told it would be a tough one. The whole experience was great... everyone was sooo nice and the Anesthesiologist was the best, so sweet and comforting! Woke up and haven’t had any discomfort! Very happy customer here! 😊


Peri ann H.


Great πŸ‘πŸ»


Peri ann H.


Great πŸ‘πŸ»


Louise C.


I think in the last 30 years I have been referred to this practice by 6 different oral / dental specialists and I have always had an amazing experience. The nature of my dental trouble has been traumatizing after two major car accidents and several kicks in the teeth by young horses. Plastic surgery and orthopedic surgery seemed like a priority and I put my teeth on the back burner....yes I was warned! Yes I'm in trouble! Yes I'm a big fat baby! I can't even make my appointment on time 😜 That being said, the staff has been truly amazing and my my experience with the doctors and staff on every visit was thorough, well explained, calming and professional. I run operating centers for a living, and I know it is not easy to accommodate troubled patients and late patients like myself, and I am so great full for this team! I highly recommend!


Richard E.


great work...i feel great... very little post op discomfort and thanks for getting me in quickly


Anne D.


Dr. cobin and his staff are amazing.


Edie J.


Very genital and patient care. Not a bit.of pain


Danise F.




Natalie P.


I wanted to say a really big thank you to this office they were amazing.

I was in pain when I went in and they were super nice to me and took care of me right away.